Last-minute speaker change

We have a last-minute program change to announce: Alex Payne isn’t going to be able to come to GoRuCo next Saturday and give his talk. In Alex’s place, we have arranged for Ryan Davis to give his talk “Hurting Code for Fun and Profit”.

It’s certainly not ideal to have to change the program at such a late date, and Alex’s talk will be greatly missed. That being said, we’re excited to be able to include Ryan’s talk in the program, and we’re still looking forward to a great Ruby-filled day for all our attendees.

If you’re interested in who’s going to be speaking at what time, you should know that we will be re-arranging the schedule to accommodate this change in the program. Hopefully we can get something decided and posted within the next day or so.

See you all in nine days!

Posted by Francis Hwang on Friday, April 18, 2008


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