GoRuCo 2008 is over

The streamers have all been pulled down, and the bar’s all out of banana daiquiris—which must mean that GoRuCo 2008 is officially over. We organizers had a ton of fun, and we hope you all did too: listening to Giles rant about “Muppet Fuckers”, getting down with the deep math-fu of Paul’s talk, marveling over the access point, swanking it up at the Tribeca Grand, and for some of us, finally, finally, singing some goddamned karaoke. Ah, karaoke. At the end of that long day and night it was like an oasis in the desert—if that oasis were full of people screaming Bon Jovi at the top of their lungs. And if instead of water, you had beer.

We are recommending those of you who are blogging, posting photos, etc., to use the tag “goruco2008”. You can already see a lot of photos on Flickr, and see a handful of del.icio.us links too.

And Confreaks will be posting videos of every single talk online, for free, in the near future. Watch this space for that announcement.

Thanks to everyone who came, and we hope to see you next year!

Posted by Francis Hwang on Sunday, April 27, 2008


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